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Dog Boarding Services by K-9 University

K-9 University is proud to be the top dog service provider in Plano and Garland, TX since 1993. With spacious facilities, certified experts, passionate staff, comprehensive services, and a community of great dogs, we provide the best services in the area. We are passionate about dogs and dog care. That includes dog training, dog daycare, and local dog boarding services. No matter what you and your pup need, our experts at K-9 University have the knowledge and resources to provide you with the best dog care around.

Dog Grooming Services in Plano and Garland, TX

Resort-Like Dog Daycare and Boarding Services

If you’re looking for the best dog boarding experience in the Plano, TX, or Garland, TX area, look no further. Our team at K-9 University provides exceptional dog training and boarding services to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy while you’re away. At our dog boarding centers, we understand that your dog is more than a pet – they’re part of the family. We’ve spent years refining and improving our boarding services to offer the highest quality, resort-like experience for your pet. We provide individualized attention so that every pet has a safe, comfortable stay during their time with us.

Short- and Long-Term Dog Boarding

Our dog sitting services are available for overnight, weekend, holiday, or extended stays. We even have dog daycare for day trips or while you’re at work. With such flexibility with our dog training and boarding services, you can customize the boarding stay for your needs. No matter how long your furry friend is with us, they will enjoy plenty of playtime, socialization, personal time, and well-rested sleep.

Each day follows a routine that allows for activities to keep your dog mentally stimulated and happy. With time for exercise, play, meals, and sleep, your dog will have a blast during their staycation with us. An average day at our dog boarding services tends to involve the following:

  • Open Play – A full day of open play with mentally stimulating games and challenges helps to improve manners and behaviors. Open play allows your pup to socialize and interact with other dogs and people in a controlled, safe environment where they can build their confidence while engaging in a healthy energy release.
  • Breaks – Your pup will have plenty of time to take breaks during open play. While mental and physical stimulation is essential, a moment to rest and recharge is equally as important. Taking breaks as needed allows for a healthy balance that encourages optimal health, happiness, and safety for your dog during their stay with us.
  • Naps – Dogs can take free naps throughout the day, ensuring our guests receive the mental and physical restoration they need to relax and recharge as they recuperate from the excitement of their day. Furthermore, naps help reduce stress and provide a sense of security.
  • Bedtime – After a full day of play, exercise, and challenges, your pup will be excited to go to bed in the same home-style kenne We ensure that bedtime is consistent, providing them with routine development skills, as dogs thrive with structure.
  • With a structured routine, your pup will easily and quickly feel at home in our facility. This will help to reduce their nerves and encourage them to enjoy their staycation with us.
Presidential Suite Dog Boarding in Plano and Garland, TX

Preparing for Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

K-9 University loves to welcome guests of all sizes and shapes. We highly recommend bringing your pup to our doggy daycare services for one to three days before bringing them for our dog boarding services. This can help them feel comfortable in our environment. They’ll be familiar with our staff and will better understand that you haven’t abandoned them and that you are, in fact, coming back for them. Bringing your dog to our daycare services also gives our staff a chance to get to know your dog and understand them better. This will allow us to serve them better.

Dog Training and Boarding Services in Plano

What to Bring While Boarding

When you bring your dog to boarding, there are items that we ask you to bring to ensure their maximum comfort during their stay:

  • Your Pup’s Food – We ask that you bring your dog’s food to our facility for the length of time they’ll be staying with us, plus some extra. This ensures that they don’t have dietary issues. When dogs change dog food too abruptly, it can give them digestion issues. We ask you to bring a little more than their usual portion as our guests tend to burn lots of calories playing and exercising each day, so they sometimes eat more than usual. If you have any additional dietary information or special medication, please bring that with you and inform our staff upon arrival. We want to keep your dog’s diet as normal as possible.

Many dog owners want to send their dog to our facility with their favorite toy. We ask that you don’t do this, as your dog may become possessive or aggressive towards others.

What to Expect After Boarding?

When you come to pick up your furry friend from boarding, you will experience one very excited dog. To help you provide your dog with an easy time adapting to being back home, we suggest the following things:

  • Water – We recommend withholding water from your dog for the first 30 minutes of being home. While they were with us, they had unlimited access to water, and they drank a lot because of all of the play and exercise they did. When your dog gets home, they may be very thirsty because of the excitement they feel to be with you again. For the first few hours, supervise your dog’s water intake. If they drink too much water too fast, they could vomit or get bloated, which is very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous.
  • Food – Our team at K-9 University recommends waiting a couple of hours to feed your furry friend for the same reasons. They may eat too quickly because of the excitement of seeing you. This can lead to vomiting or illness.
  • Physical and Social Rest – At our dog boarding service, your dog played and exercised most of the day away. Even if they rested throughout the day, being awake and around dogs can be tiring for them. We recommend you let them rest up and avoid social situations, like dog parks, for the next couple of days.

Book Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

For your convenience, we have two dog boarding facilities; one in Plano, TX, and one in Garland, TX. You and your pup will have access to the best care in Texas with your choice of these facilities. Contact our friendly and expert professionals to sign up for dog training and boarding services now! We can’t wait for your dog to staycation with us.

Call today to schedule a stay!