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Our Positive Dog Obedience Training Method

At K-9 University in Plano, TX, we help dogs, and their owners achieve deep-rooted, sustainable obedience with our positive dog training method and personalized approach to correcting behavior. Free of punishments, we use positive reinforcements to help you obtain the most obedient version of your companion for long-lasting success.

Dog Training Method in Plano and Garland, TX

Enriching & Empowering Our Community

K-9 University is Plano, TX’s leading dog training facility. Our trainers have undergone rigorous training and are backed with the most effective and advanced techniques and protocols to garner maximum success for your dog in an environment where they receive custom-tailored attention and care for an enriched dog and an empowered owner.

Our Balanced Theory

Our dog training classes are centered around classical conditioning, also known as Pavlovian or respondent conditioning. The idea is to help your dog develop automatic reflexes to the desired commands by influencing your dog with positive behavior and balance.

The Benefits of Dog Training Classes

Dog training classes can change the trajectory of your relationship with your dog for the rest of your life, offering a wealth of benefits, including the following:

  • Owner empowerment
  • Personalized programs
  • Enhanced dog-owner bond
  • Reduced risks for safe living
  • Hands-on obedience trainers
  • Continued support and training
  • Cost-effective and accommodating
  • Long-lasting and sustainable results

Dog Training Offered by Us

We offer dog training classes, after you complete private lessons, for all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs, from puppies learning basic training to older dogs that might have behavioral issues, and beyond. K-9 University boasts an array of expert trainers and teachers who share their time-honored knowledge to provide dog owners with customized support and resources that help them achieve results.

Our Highly Sought-After Boarding & Training Program

Our boarding and training program is a highly sought-after, immersive experience that fosters optimal success for your dog. Our trainers work with your dog for an enhanced training experience that covers basic obedience, advanced skills, and beyond while they stay at our state-of-the-art, resort-like dog facility and receive personalized attention and support.

Day Training

Our day training program is the perfect opportunity to acclimate your dog to an atmosphere that focuses on personalized dog obedience training. From adopting new skill sets to honing their current behaviors, our day training is an education-packed enrichment program that includes several sessions in a clean, fun, and prosperous environment that helps your dog thrive.

Custom Obedience Training

No two dogs are the same; that’s why K-9 University offers custom dog obedience training courses that allow dogs and their owners the opportunity to enhance their relationship. These courses serve to correct both owner and dog behaviors to manage the dog’s reactions with effective reward-based protocols that encourage lasting success.

The Importance of Dog Training Classes

Dog obedience training spans far beyond just teaching your dog some new tricks. It’s a gateway to unveiling their full potential and well-being while fostering an enhanced bond between dog and owner. Furthermore, dog training classes serve to increase your dog’s mental and physical stimulation, leading to increased growth and prosperity in all aspects of your dog’s life.

Choose K-9 University

Established in 1993 with a mission to promote growth and development for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages, K-9 University in Plano and Garland, TX’s most trusted dog training company. Combining cutting-edge techniques with our passion for dogs, our trainers lead with the happiness of our customers and their companions at the forefront of all we do.

Schedule Your Dog Training Program with Us

If you’re ready to work with industry experts who value the happiness and well-being of your dog and household, rely on our trainers to work with you to encourage a sustainably well-behaved pup! Contact our friendly team to discuss the best dog training classes for your dog’s unique needs.

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