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Services From K-9 University in Garland and Plano, TX

For over 25 years, K-9 University has provided North Texas with highly regarded Dog Training Services, Boarding, Grooming, and Doggy Daycare from our two convenient locations in Garland and Plano. Our professional pet services are honed from our time-proven practices. We specialize in behavioral modification and obedience problems in addition to supplying your dog with individualized attention.

Dog Training Services in Plano and Garland, TX

Services We Provide at K-9 University:

  • Training – A well-trained dog is the key to a happy household and responsive relationship between you and your pet. Combat behavioral issues with high-quality training with innovative techniques from compassionate trainers.
  • Boarding – Our elite accommodations like our spacious Presidential Suite include a twin bed, television, and home decor and furnishings. We provide the compassionate and individualized attention for stress-free boarding.
  • Grooming – Just like you, your dog likes to be clean and pampered. Available as part of our packages or as a stand-alone, our grooming services go beyond the standard wash and dry.
  • Dog daycare – Give your dog the ability to socialize with other similar dogs and utilize their limitless energy with our half and full day dog daycare. Playtime in our safe and secure facilities will discourage anxiety and destruction stemming from long periods of solitude at home.

Providing Quality Training & Trustworthy Care

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff is available at our locations with the proper training solutions specific to your needs. If you need a particular command taught, we offer private lessons for custom training. Our services blend well as packages such as boarding and training, boarding and grooming, and daycare and boarding.

Contact Our Plano or Garland Location Today!