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Doggy Day Care in Plano and Garland, TX

There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog to brighten your spirits after a long day on the job. They miss you terribly when you are away, so they are eager to welcome you with kisses as soon as you walk through the door. What better way to show your appreciation for Man’s Best Friend than with a fun day of play at K-9 University? As a locally owned and operated doggie daycare center, we give your dog the love, care, and attention they need to chase away the boredom while you are at work. Our exceptional staff provides exciting activities and encourages lots of exercise and playtime with other dogs. While we know that your dog’s favorite place is at home with you, we hope that our dog daycare facility can offer the next best thing.

K-9 University Services for Dogs in Plano and Garland, TX

A Fun & Social Alternative for Your Dog

It can be heartbreaking to leave your dog at home because of work and other obligations. Rather than leaving your pet alone in the house or apartment, bring them to our doggy daycare in Plano and Garland for playtime with other fun-loving dogs. At K-9 University, we offer the perfect structured environment for socialization. Our dog care facility is equipped with cage-free daytime play, which is constantly supervised by our experienced and affectionate dog-loving team. We also offer different play rooms divided by size and temperament, which guarantees energetic fun for all breeds. Playing with your dog is the best part of our day, so you can count on us to stimulate their senses in a fun and safe environment

Benefits of dog day care at K-9 University

Benefits to Our Dog Day care Include:

  • Structured environment
  • Playtime with other dogs
  • Curbs destruction and anxiety
  • Necessary exercise and activity
  • Encourages socialization

Dogs of All Ages Welcome

Whether you want a safe environment for your older dog or an exciting setting that caters to your high-spirited puppy, K-9 University has exactly what you need. We offer complete puppy daycare and doggy daycare services that ensure your pet has a great time while you are away. Your pets’ health and happiness are of the utmost importance to us, so we will give them plenty of opportunities to play and socialize with other dogs. We also offer comfortable dog kennels that are perfect for spending a relaxing afternoon. Either way, your furry friend is sure to thank you for a wonderful day out.

Replace feeling guilty every time you leave your dog at home with the excitement of a fun-filled day of play. Speak with us today in Plano at (972) 801-9090 or Garland at (972) 530-7077.

Contact Our Plano or Garland Location Today!