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Reliable Daycare Services for Man’s Best Friend

K-9 University is proud to have been serving the Plano and Garland, TX communities since 1993. Our team consists of dog behavior experts and enthusiasts who are passionate about providing comprehensive dog services for you and your best friend. From dog training services to doggy daycare, you can trust that your dog is safe with us. Contact us today about signing your dog up for dog daycare and training services.

K-9 University Services for Dogs in Plano and Garland, TX

How Are We Different from Others?

K-9 University is different from other dog daycare centers because of our rich experience and certification with dog behavior. We offer dog daycare and training services, so our staff is fully knowledgeable and certified in dog behavior. When you choose our daycare services, you are leaving your dog with the people who can best provide your dog with stimulating and enriching activities while you’re gone.

We also understand that leaving your dog in the care of someone else, especially for the first time, can be extremely stressful. Our professionals ensure comfort for both you and your dog during this time with programs that offer safe and fun opportunities for your dog to socialize and make friends. Your dog’s safety is our number one priority, which is why we have a facility that keeps that in mind. Our play center is cleaned with pet-friendly supplies and the play equipment is easy to play on even for old dogs.

Benefits of dog day care at K-9 University

The Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dogs are naturally social animals. In the wild, they run in pacts, and in our homes, they are friendly and inviting. Puppy Dog Daycare provides your loving and social dog with incredible opportunities to grow and learn from their doggy friends. Benefits from choosing K-9 University for your dog’s daycare facility include:

  • Organized and structured environment that reduces stress
  • Quality playtime with other dogs
  • Plenty of exercise that keeps them fit and healthy
  • Reduced destruction and anxiety
  • Quality socialization with a wide variety of dogs

A Safe Haven for Your Pup

K-9 University’s dog daycare and boarding services provide a safe haven for your pup. As a loving owner, you probably worry about your pup and what they’re up to when they’re home by themselves. When you choose dog daycare, you can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is safe and receiving lots of love and socialization. Our daycare facility is designed specifically for your dog and is even organized by age, size, and personality. That way, you don’t have to worry about rambunctious puppies bothering your senior dog, or other conflicts of interest. Your dog will be placed in the best area according to their interests, personality, and age.

Our facility is also designed for the dog’s comfort and safety, with padded playrooms. Choose the best option for your pup by choosing K-9 University.

A Team of Dog Behavior Experts

Our team of dog behavior experts is the best of the best. All our staff members are passionate and dedicated to serving the dogs in our community, but that’s not all. Every one of our staff members is required to go through rigorous training. Our instructors and doggy daycare leaders hold certification from the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA). You can trust that our experts know what they’re doing, and that they’ll provide the best and most expert care for your dog.

No Negative Impact on House Training

Some dog owners worry about how dog daycare may impact house training. We get this concern because house training is not something you want to do twice. But dogs don’t understand the concept of indoors and outdoors the same way our human brains do. They perceive sight, sound, and smell, and those are the main indicators that are involved with house training. They view doggy daycare very differently than they view their home, and in our experience, doggy daycare hasn’t affected house training in the slightest.

Find Your Nearest Dog Daycare

For your convenience, we have two dog daycare facilities; one in Plano, TX and one in Garland, TX. With two close and convenient options, you and your pup will have access to the best care in Texas. Contact our friendly and expert professionals to sign your dog up for daycare now!

Contact Our Plano or Garland Location Today!