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Plano, TX, and Garland, TX, Dog Training and Boarding FAQs

At K-9 University in Plano, TX, and Garland, TX, we make dog training and dog boarding straightforward and stress-free both for you and your pet. With that goal in mind, we’ve compiled some answers to frequently asked questions to help you get started. Our knowledgeable staff is also always happy to answer any questions you have by phone or in person.

Dog training FAQs

Why is dog training important?

Dog training is key to helping you and your dog get the most out of your relationship. Obedience opens the door to communication, helps prevents potentially dangerous situations, and stimulates your dog’s mind.

What types of dog training do you offer?

Our team at K-9 University offers a range of training options, including boarding and training, day training, and custom obedience training.

Do you offer private training lessons?

Yes! Our private lessons are $75 per hour. They’re a great way to address specific behavioral issues or help you and your dog learn a specific command or skill.

When should I start training?

You should start training your dog right away, if you can. Puppies tend to learn habits easier, so it’s best to start with good habits before they learn bad ones.

How many training visits do I need to see results?

Our training programs typically span 10 weeks. You’ll be surprised how quickly your dog can pick up on training. Plus, half the work of training classes is teaching you how to continue reinforcing good behaviors at home.

Dog boarding FAQs

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes. We require dogs to be up to date on all vaccinations, including Bordetella, every six months, for boarding, grooming, day care and training.

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered to come to day care or boarding?

Yes. Dogs are not required to be spayed or neutered to board. Any dog that wants to participate in day care must be spayed or neutered if they are over six months of age.

Can my dog eat lunch at doggy day care?

Yes! We can feed lunch to your dog during the day. Simply bring in your dog’s food in a labeled container at the start of the day.

Should I bring my dog’s food for boarding?

We require owners to provide your dog’s food from home to ensure continuity and healthy eating during your absence.

What happens if my pet needs medical attention while in boarding?

If your dog falls ill while you’re away, we will work to reach you so you can decide how to proceed. If we can’t reach you and your dog needs medical attention, we will transport them to their regular vet or another local vet if necessary.

Dog grooming FAQs

How often should my dog be groomed?

Every four to six weeks is a good guideline for non-shedding dogs, while every eight to 12 weeks is good for shedding dogs.

Why is regular dog grooming important?

Dog grooming is key to helping your dog stay comfortable and healthy. Left untended, coats can become matted and painful, debris can build up in ears and cause infections or discomfort.

Can I stay with my dog during grooming?

No. Being around during grooming can be a distraction for your pet and make them less well-behaved or more agitated during the grooming process.

How long does grooming take?

Grooming typically takes two to four hours, depending on the size of the dog and the work required. We also offer grooming in tandem with boarding or training services so your dog will be fresh and clean when you pick them up.

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