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Meet Our Wonderful Staff in Plano and Garland, TX

Our experienced and compassionate staff will train and care for your dog as if they were our own.

Chuck Bratt

President and founder of K-9 University, established in 1993.Chuck Bratt, President & Founder of K-9 University

Chuck is a Certified Master Trainer and currently oversees the operation of both our Plano and Garland locations. Primarily, Chuck focuses on the growth and development of the company and the overall well-being of the team. He also spends a great deal of time continuing his education through researching the newest cutting edge techniques in dog training. Chuck’s vision for the company is one of integrity and loyalty to the team and our customers.


Andra Evans

Andra Evans, Vice President of K-9 University

Andra has been with K-9 University since its inception. Andra is directly responsible for the day-to-day management of the team and developing and maintaining good customer relations. Andra also works with over 50 veterinarians to further educate them, their staff and their customers on the importance of dog training. Andra’s primary focus is making sure each and every dog is being cared for ensuring a comfortable stay. Andra’s best attribute is her kindness and her ability to make sure you know you’re important.

Andy Morrone

Head Trainer for both Plano and Garland locationsAndy Morrone, Head Trainer at K-9 University

Andy came on board with K-9 in 1996. As Head Trainer, Andy supervises and evaluates the progress of all training dogs by working directly with the trainers to ensure each dog is getting the most out of the training. All new trainers are trained under Andy. His true love for the dogs and what he does is undeniable; you don’t have to see it to believe it. You’ll just know it! Dealing with behavioral problems is his forte. He attended San Diego State University on a Soccer Scholarship.

David Daniels

Trainer and Manager-in-Training for the Plano LocationDavid Daniels, Trainer and Manager at K-9 University

David has been with K-9 University since 2003. To describe David as a Trainer is to describe him as a person – ‘Passionate’! His relentless smile and level of patience is so extraordinary, it is not surprising that the dogs respond to him the way they do. He is immersed in learning every facet of the business and strives to be the best at what he does and it shows.

Lucas Cooksey

Dog Trainer, Group Instructor-PlanoLucas Cooksey, Dog Trainer & Group Instructor in Plano

Lucas has been with K-9 University since 2013 and is a Trainer at our Plano location. His calm and peaceful demeanor makes him a great dog trainer as well as a GREAT person! Lucas has three dogs at home so he’s able to perfect his skills on a daily basis.

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