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Bring Your Dogs to K-9 University to Look Their Best

Your dogs are part of your family, and they deserve the best. At K-9 University, our professional pet grooming salon offers full-service dog grooming treatments with exclusive one-on-one attention from our experienced groomers. We have locations in Plano, TX, and Garland, TX. Our team takes the time to get to know your dog’s unique needs, such as dry skin, fleas and ticks, injuries, sensitivity to products, problem odors, and behavioral issues. Just like every person is unique, we know that every dog has their own personality and needs when it comes to grooming. Because we tailor our grooming treatments to your pet’s individual requirements and create a relaxing atmosphere, your pet won’t feel anxious or stressed. We will make sure they leave our salon looking and feeling great. We encourage you to learn more about how to groom a dog and to schedule an appointment with us.

Professional dog grooming at K-9 University in Plano, TX

Comprehensive Dog Grooming Services

K-9 University offers full-service grooming options to care for the health, wellness, and appearance of your dog. Routine grooming helps to cut down on health issues such as dirty ears and overgrown nails. Dirty dog grooming can also go a long way toward helping your dog’s breath and coat smell fresher. Our bathing solution is powerful enough to penetrate thick coats for a deep clean and gentle enough for dogs with sensitivities. Our comprehensive grooming services include:

  • Bathing & Deep Coat Cleaning – Your dog may not shower every day as you do, but it’s important that they take a bath from time to time. Regular bathing helps to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and clean. Routine bathing can also prevent unpleasant odors that come as a result of your dog’s fur gathering dirt. A deep coat cleaning can get down into your dog’s coat and remove dirt, grease, and grime. This service is recommended for dogs with heavy coats. Certain breeds have double coats, including Akitas, Alaskan huskies, Shiba Inus, Siberian huskies, and more.
  • Drying – When you bring your dog to us for a bath, we’ll make sure they come home completely dry. No one likes the smell of a wet dog, and your furry friend will love the feeling of being fresh, clean, and dry.
  • FURminator Shedding Treatment – If you’re tired of your dog shedding everywhere, K-9 University can help. We use the FURminator shedding treatment, known as the ultimate hair reduction system. This treatment can help reduce shedding up to 90%, resulting in significantly less hair to clean up at home.
  • Nail & Paw Maintenance – Don’t let your dog’s nails get too long. We offer nail and paw maintenance services. A dog with long nails can scratch your furniture and floors, and they may be uncomfortable. When a dog has long nails that touch the floor, they push back into their nail bed which creates pressure and pain. Visit us for regular nail trimming to keep your dog comfortable while they walk.
  • Coat Brushing – Our professional dog groomers can brush your dog’s coat. This service removes dead hair while distributing natural oils to ensure a clean and healthy coat. We also offer dog haircuts and creative dog grooming services.
  • Teeth Brushing – Brushing your dog’s teeth is often overlooked, but taking care of their mouths is essential. Having your dog’s teeth brushed can help them get rid of bad breath, prevent periodontal disease, and reduce the spread of bacteria. We use the best tooth-brushing tools and techniques in the industry.
  • Face & Ear Care – Our team can provide grooming services for your dog’s face and ears as well. Wax can build up in your dog’s ears, and it sometimes builds up faster than it does in humans. Regular dog ear care can release wax and debris from their ear canals to prevent infections.

Making Your Dogs Feel at Home

Throughout the grooming process, we create a comfortable and anxiety-free environment for your pet. Our team minimizes potential irritants while paying attention to your pet’s body signals regarding comfort and stress. You don’t need to take dog grooming classes because our team is highly trained and experienced. We offer all-breed dog grooming services and know-how to groom an aggressive dog effectively. Our dog groomers offer everything your pup needs to be clean, refreshed, and relaxed. Whether they just need a bath or you’re giving them the works, we get them in and out quickly, so they return home looking and feeling their best.

Everything Your Dogs Need Under One Roof

Here at K-9 University, we also offer dog boarding, dog training, and dog daycare services in Plano and Garland, TX. Non-shedding dogs should be groomed every four to six weeks while shedding dogs need grooming every eight to twelve weeks. We request that you schedule an appointment for your dog to be groomed. Plan to drop them off because being around during grooming can distract them. Our grooming services typically take two to four hours, but that depends on a variety of factors. We offer dog grooming services that can be paired with boarding, training, or daycare. Contact us today to learn more or schedule grooming services for your dog.

Call today for a grooming appointment!