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Resort-Like Boarding for Pampered Pets

At K-9 University, we understand that your dog is more than a pet, they are part of the family. K-9 University has spent years refining our services to offer the highest quality resort-like experience for your pet. We work hard to offer individualized attention so that every pet has a safe, comfortable stay while you are away. If you’re looking for the best dog boarding in the Plano or Garland area, look no further, K-9 University provides excellent dog boarding services comparable to our dog training services.

happy doggy

Boarding Accommodations :

  • Standard Run 5ft x 4ft
  • Suite 6ft x 4ft
  • Platinum Run (Plano location only) 9ft x 4ft
  • Presidential Suite 10ft x 8ft

If your dog needs boarding because of travel or emergencies, we are happy to provide your dog with quality care and supervision. We are dog boarding specialist who understand individual needs of each dog. Don’t risk travel-induced pet illness, hotel restrictions, or your pet running away from a well-meaning friend or family member. Our highly skilled and caring staff have a passion for animals, can recognize and handle pet problems, and will provide the best quality care.

Contact Our Plano or Garland Location Today!